Genexist MethodPractices for Compliance

Build software customised for your governance framework and roadmap

New laws and ongoing governance can be overwhelming to deal with, especially when they involve multiple frameworks and jurisdictions. Many companies reach for expensive custom-built software to help execute their governance programmes. This often results in stretched timelines and budgets, and even program failure.

Genexist can help you to build and sustain the frameworks that you need to support. Design your own roadmap from the ground up, with a no-code, low-code approach and the aid of our consultants.


Choose your Framework

Start with the framework - for example OCEG GRC, ISO 22301, ISO 27001.


Build your Roadmap

Use our authoring tools to embed your knowledge and build the roadmap of your choice (e.g. Plan-Do-Check-Act).


Product Creation

Your new governance software will be generated into existence - customised to your framework, roadmap, knowledge and organisational needs.


1. Choose your Framework

Choose the governance framework that you want to automate.

For example, you might want to create a software for a IAPP’s Privacy Operational Life Cycle framework, or for OCEG’s GRC Principled Performance framework. Alternatively, you might want to operationalise a standard like ISO 22301 – the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS).

Pick the governance framework of your choice.

2. Build your Roadmap

Think about the operational roadmap that you need in order to get everyone on the same journey for the framework you chose.

For example, for OCEG’s GRC Principled Performance framework, you may want to use the Learn-Align-Perform-Review roadmap.

For the BCM ISO 22301 framework, you may want to use a Plan-Do-Check-Act roadmap.

Now, start building the elements you need at each node of the roadmap. Choose from our authoring tools, which include Gap Analysis and Dashboard, Inventory/Checklist, E-Learning, Competency Test, Chart, Form Automator, Policy Generator, Multi-function Bundle and Register Management.

Find out more on the Features page.


3. Product Creation

Using our no-code, low-code Genexist platform, your new software will be created. It will be customised to your framework, roadmap, knowledge and organisational needs.