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Codify Framework

Deliver your consulting services as a white-label, Software-as-a-Service app.

Customer Testimonials

As a data protection consultancy, DPEX consultants have to deal with time consuming and complex consulting processes.

Using Genexist, the consultants have converted their manual data protection compliance workflows into a custom data protection management platform.

Using Genexist, the trainers created case studies projects on Genexist for hands-on interaction with the course participants. When participants interact with case studies created on Genexist, it reinforces their mastery over concepts learnt.

Thanks to Genexist technology, we are able to create our own data protection management platform to differentiate our consulting services.

More importantly, when we have codified our services this way, we can ensure consistent delivery of services to benefit our customers.

An unexpected and pleasant benefit is that we now have recurring software-as-a-service revenues and a closer support relationship with our customers.

William Hioe
Head of Regional Consulting, DPEX network

With the data-as-a-service platform, the company can monitor its personal data storage workflows, perform privacy impact assessments and keep its compliance programmes, protocols and processes updated even if regulations evolve.

Atty Adel Tamayo

Business Outcome

Automation: manual compliance workflows are now online for customers, with self-assessment spreadsheets, data inventory, risk registers and data protection governance structure.

Collaboration: online collaboration become a natural part of your offering, with 24/7 customer access.

Productivity: consistent delivery and help your customers meet their compliance in weeks, not months.