LegalGovernance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC)

Governance Risk Management and Compliance, GRC

Create your own governance, risk management and compliance platform following established standards (ISO, OCEG) and customise it based on your organisation's needs.

Customer Testimonials

The Open Compliance & Ethics Group (OCEG) is a global nonprofit organization that develops and provides standards, guidelines, tools and online resources to address governance, risk management, compliance and ethics (GRC) for global corporations and other organizations.

OCEG created the GRC capability model and principled performance. Companies use this framework to implement governance, risk management and compliance capabilities in their organisations.

Using Genexist, OCEG formalises its conceptual framework into an integrated GRC tool, to promote its popular GRC professional certification to organisations and individuals.

This is the best implementation we have seen in terms of presenting the OCEG GRC capability model - 4 components and 20 elements - into a comprehensive and practical framework for anyone performing governance, risk and compliance management functions to use in-house.

It brings professionalism to any GRC practitioner.

Carol Switzer
Co-founder and President of OCEG

With interactive software that we can use together with the framework, we can now have a macroview of the organisation's risks and opportunities. We can assess the risks and opportunities in detail and prioritise organsation-wide action plans with specificity and ease.

Senior Executive
Healthcare Industry

The good hands-on exercise using the software, together with GRC lessons, gave us a good understanding on what and how we need together across all departments in an organisation; and no department is being silo-ed.

Senior Executive
Healthcare Information Systems

Business Outcome

Automation: instead of manually tracking business processes in spreadsheets, GRC is managed end-to-end on Genexist.

Collaboration: in any given company, the business units, the compliance and risks team, the audit team and the legal team can work with each other on the same tool, anytime and anytime, with full visibility of all activities.

Productivity: Create, deploy and track the entire compliance program across an organisation in minutes instead of days, complete with dashboards and reports. Genexist is a force multiplier for your legal teams.